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The Pagespeed Insights Checker is a tool that helps you to identify the performance of your website. It provides insights on how to improve the performance of your site and offers suggestions for improving it.

The tool is available in both desktop and mobile versions. The desktop version can be downloaded from Google Chrome Web Store while the mobile version can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Anyone who wants to increase the performance and speed of their website should use Page Insights Checker. This effective tool offers a thorough report on the size, quantity, and duration of requests for each page on your website. With the help of Page Insights Checker, you can quickly determine which areas of your website require improvement and implement the necessary adjustments to increase page speed.

Advantages of utilising this tool:

Real-time information on the performance of your website
Actionable suggestions to enhance the functionality of your website
insights into how the scripts on your site affect performance

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