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The Page Authority Checker is a tool that, as its name suggests, lets you check the performance of a particular website page on search engines. In the beginning, MOZ created page authority to rate or score a page on a scale of 100. The results of the Mozscape web index, as well as metrics like link counts, MOZTrust, and MOZRank, will be used to determine a page's score. The Page Authority by MOZ uses a machine-learning model to find an algorithm that correlates with all rankings across search results before any results are generated. They then use this algorithm to predict results.

Use the Page Authority Checker now if you want results right away. It operates without requiring you to download or install any software on your computer or other device, allowing you to use it wherever and whenever you want as long as there is an internet connection. You can check a number of page links or URLs from which you'd like to see the authority through the prediction that the Page Authority Checker will produce.

What distinguishes domain authority from page authority? It's easy. While domain authority assesses and forecasts the strength of an entire sub-domain or domain, page authority assesses and forecasts the strength of a single page.

You can enhance your entire SEO campaign with the help of the Page Authority Checker. One recommendation is to concentrate on your link profile, which can directly affect MOZTrust and MOZRank by obtaining links from excellent linked-to pages.

Now that you can get to work, use this tool to quickly see the results you're looking for as you assess the performance of a particular page. Learn how well your pages are performing today on search engines to raise your page's SEO ranking!

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